Contributing money gives you access to many perks in-game and on the website. Our in-game perks are not based on pay-to-win but on providing you with a more convenient and time-saving play-style and giving you status symbols. By contributing you agree to accept that the perk list may change over time and that a contribution may never be refunded. Each of our contributor packs give access to the perks for a certain amount of months. Buying several packs adds their perk days together so that you always get full use of all perk months you've bought.
To contribute, you must be logged on to the website. If you do not have a website account, you can register one in the upper right corner of this website. Payment can be done with a major payment card like MasterCard or Visa or using PayPal. A PayPal account is not required to pay, PayPal is just the company that handles the transaction.
Practical in-game perks:
Access to the /kit contributor command that once per month gives 16 blocks of diamonds, 32 blocks of lapis lazuli, two shulker boxes and a dragon head. A full set of max enchanted armor, weapons, tools and spell wands with special, unremovable names containing your current nickname.
Access to the /back command which lets you return to the last location you teleported from
30 Factions bonus power
 Up to ten /home private warps (instead of just one). To set multiple warps, type /sethome warpname and go to it with /home warpname. See a list of your private warps with /home. Delete a warp to make space for a new one with /delhome warpname
 The ability to build and drive ships without having to follow a block interval. This means you only have to follow the minimum and maximum sizes of a ship type. To do this, simply place a ship sign as usual on the ship but with no number after the ship type. See /helpship in-game. Beware that abusing this perk to grief or do other crime gives staff the right to revoke your contributor status without a refund.
 The ability to open the enderchest anywhere by typing /enderchest and open a crafting table anywhere by typing /workbench
 Be able to select the avian race that can fly and the powerful demon race for only a quarter of their normal costs by typing /contributoravian and /contributordemon
Using a banner as /hat gives the resistance potion effect (same damage reduction as a protection IV diamond helmet and if you are demon it upgrades the demon resistance effect)
 Right to compensation for valuables and buildings lost in non-vanilla glitches (does not apply to lost buffs and may be refused if an admin judges there to be risk of scam)
The ability to join even when the server is full
 If banned, get unbanned. This is only activated once, when the contribution is made, and cannot be saved for later use
Decorative in-game perks:
 Gold account name and diamond symbol after the account name and green chat text in public chat.
 Free name-changing whenever you want by typing /nick newname
 The ability to use almost any item as a hat by typing /hat when holding it
Use color on signs, in messages and in your nickname (see the /nick perk above) by putting one of these color codes before text without using space
Access to the /me and /afk commands (/afk sends a message that the player is away from keyboard and automatically sends a no longer AFK message upon returning)
Website forums perks:
Gold website account name and diamond symbol after the website account name and gold text in posts made on the website forums
Ability to upvote and downvote forum posts and see who made downvotes
Ability to hide and delete posts automatically if they get enough downvotes (2 downvotes to hide, 6 to delete)
Each bigger pack is 10% cheaper per month than the previous one
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