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===== ░▒▓ ❖ APEX ❖ ▓▒░=====
Official thread of the Apexian Empire

Social status and or rankings
Imperator of Apex- The imperator is the crowned ruler of the Apexian Empire and rules absolute over the feudal lords and common folk of which the empire consists.The Imperator serves as the head of state and chief executive of the Apexian Empire and performs a variety of tasks.
- Representative to foreign nations (Assuming no ambassador is chosen) and the decider of foreign policy.
- Responsible for the coronation of the Marquis and the assignment of high ranking active duty military officers to a post. The imperator also functions as the supreme commander of the nation’s military, however generally passes the management of military operations to the HighLord of the Apexian legions.
- Grants charters that will approve or deny the creation of cities, bases and trade outposts Etc.

Highlord of apex- The Highlord of apex is the most senior ranking military officer second only to the imperator and handles actions of war and defence in the absence of the Imperator, the Highlord may appoint lower ranking military officers to control Apexian militant outposts and resource stations. The Highlord may declare a war and or alliance in a state of emergency, however in non-exigent circumstances both actions previously listed must be approved by the Imperator.

Viceroy- Viceroys are nearly exclusive to former faction leaders who enter Apex in the form of a merger and are appointed by the Imperator. Situationally a Viceroy may be appointed a district of control as a former Marquis, this action must be cleared by the Highlord, Imperator and the majority of current Viceroys within the faction, just as it would be to appoint a viceroy that had come from a faction merger.
- Has authority over all Marquis, and Aristocrats within their district of control
- The district of control is defined by the Highlord, for former faction leaders it encompasses all land claimed from the merger, with specially appointed Viceroys it includes all land claims by Aristocrats and Marquis within a physically defined area.

Marquis- The marquises are the elite social class in Apexian society and are entrusted by our liege to govern settlements in apex territory which include cities, trade outposts, large resource stations, embassies or general territory involved in foreign expenditures.
- Marquises May expand proportionally to claims equal the amount of power gained by the population in the area or as defined by the Imperator. (Further expansion must be cleared by the imperator)
- Marquises may delegate tasks to citizens within the territories granted to them by power of the crown.
(May or may not be moderator in faction Generally they will be)Caveats include but are not limited to ; recent faction merges, penalty for unjust actions made prior, possibility of treason/ threat to National security.

Colonel- Colonels are High Ranking military officers (A position where moderator is essential) and serve as superiors to Captains.They are appointed by the Imperator but are generally Captains first or officers recruited via merger. They have access to any land controlled by a captain and may give military related tasks to Captains. Colonels may also ally,neutral, or enemy when under attack, otherwise the action must be cleared by the Highlord or Imperator.

Captain- Captains are military officers (May or may not be moderator in faction) This rank is exclusive for those who control military fortifications and farming complexes, Captain's report to the highlord for military action in accordance with the imperator’s will and or expansion of the land they control. They are chosen by the Highlord however true officer status must be granted by the imperator to be legitimate.

Aristocrat- Aristocrats are the gentry of apex, they own land similarly to captains however it is strictly for civilian use and does not exceed 30 claims. Aristocrats may become Marquises with the emperor’s approval (General achieved by inspecting the Aristocrat's land for quality of construction and or need for further expansion). Aristocrats are permitted to build by the Highlord of apex or the emperor himself.

Highborne- The Highborne are respected members of Apexian and positively contribute to the sustenance and growth of the empire. Highborne may be merchants, soldiers, builders or workers of any occupation, they live within the territories of the marquises or the public domain.

Apexian- The Apexian’s are the lowest class of apex and will move up to Highborne when they have proven themselves to be productive,trustworthy and active.
=====Apexian Law =====
I. "The faction is responsible for the actions of its members” - Kastow of Djinn.
No Apexian shalt take substantial negative action against another nation or its members without the consent of a valid military or civilian superior authorizing so, Punishment is based on severity and ranges from warning to exile.
II. Trading with enemy factions is outlawed, punishment ranges from warning to confiscation of 50% of the traded goods, if the member refuses collateral will be taken.
III. Adopted from old Legion customs, Duels to the death are permitted within the faction so long as they are mutually agreed to however are restricted during active battle.
IV. Traitors will be expelled from the empire and have all items confiscated, depending on the severity of the offense the traitors may be declared a public enemy to the empire and will be killed upon request of a captain or higher.
V. The law will be enforced by Captain ranks or higher and allegedly unjust decisions may be appealed to the Highlord.
VI. Slapping hos in the titty bar is completely legal.
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This was writen some time ago thought Id post it so that new members (Or the curious) could have a better understanding of how apex runs, Ill improve the visuals and content present in this thread at a later stage.
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