DurfLugdenstein, Gentleman Occultist and industrialist at your service!

Deep in the earth I have slumbered for many months now. But the stamping of many feet on our world has woke me from my mystical dreams and now I labor anew on.....The Factory!!

A resource for all of Divinity to enjoy, benefit and profit from! Within you will find an XP farm that is open for public use (zombie pigman farm), as a token of my affection and love of industry.

Simply go to spawn and take the warp portal to the clay biome. Travel North-West from the safe zone. It's the big ass quartz building. Kinda hard to miss. Entrance on the south side. Adding a new lost and found feature. A claim with a single chest outside of the front door of The Factory. If you loose an item, mail DurfLugdenstein with a name or description. You will be able to pick it up from the lost and found chest at your convenience.

Enjoy and happy mining! or killing! or...whatever you need xp for!!!