The Whole Walle01 Fanfic Collection + New Geko Fanfic!

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Dickgirls and Gentlemen!
I proudly present the greatest ever collection of Divinitycraft fanfiction by the one and only walle01!



A late night at Sylvania's citadel. (2016)
A tale of revenge turned sour enacted upon a noble couple who are both interested in the same sex.

All hail Potato. (2014)
A story of a devout follower pleasuring his lord by any means necessary, even though he can be rather.. fecal.

At seas with Roob. (2015)
A man lost at sea is confronted by a mysterious stranger and taught the secrets of life.

Booby Trap. (2016)
A breathtaking story about self discovery and experiencing new things in the cold arctic winter.

Dragon Balls X. (2016)
A retelling of the story of Ragnarök, from the eyes of a loyal guard.

Geko's night out. (2018)
A reptilian man finds excitement in new feelings for things he believed didn't exist.

In the Woods with Roob. (2014)
A lone courier makes his way through a forest but is stopped in his tracks by a mysterious being.

KasDoherty. (2015)
A inspirational story about two lovers finding strength in each other.

Matfer's great balls. (2014)
A man encounters a new god during a prayer to his old one and is converted.

Robo's Robo Scrotum. (2017)
A urban legend about a supposed monster.

Roob is love, Roob is life. (2014)
A remake of the age old tale of an ogre and a child sharing their most intimate moments together.

Scotty boi. (2016)
A story that explains the bond between small children and construction workers and the battle with poverty.

The Altar. (2014)
A heartwarming tale of a man being so inspired by his lord that he is willing to freeze to please him.

And without further ado, here is the latest addition to the collection.

--- Geko's Night Out ---

Geko was out drinking with his buddies at the local tavern one night.

Unbeknowst to him his friends were planning him a surprise as it was Geko's birthday, he was turning 40.

Geko had already had a good amount of drinks and was slurring his words.

- "I fucking love you guys, this has been the best day ever."

- "Just wait till you see what we've got in store for you buddy." Walle exlaimed.

Suddenly the party left the table leaving Geko behind.

From a dark corner in the building a cloaked figure appeared, approaching the reptilian man.

Geko locked eyes with it.

- "Your friends told me you were looking for a good time, naughty boy." The figure said.

- "I could use someone to play civ with if that's what you're asking hehe."

- "No you silly boy, I'm here for something entirely different..."

Geko smiled and the figure smiled back. The figure extended its leg from under its cloak resting it on Gekos lap.

The leg was definitely feminine but at the same time quite hairy. Geko got turned on.

- "I see how happy you are to see me..."

The stranger revealed its finger from under its sleeve and pressed it against Geko's crotch.

The finger had long red painted nails. Geko's erection was ready to burst out of his trousers.

- "Let us go somewhere private, your friends are looking at us from the other side of the tavern."

Geko noticed his friends staring at him. Walle was amidst them, counting a fat stack of cash.

This was strange, Geko thought. Considering you usually pay the whore. Yet there Walle was, counting a whole lot of money, covered in something... White?

The thought quickly fled Geko's mind as the figure gave his arm a strong pull and basically dragged him up the stairs to the bedroom.

Once there they both began undressing and when Geko looked up he finally saw the figure in "her" full form.

She had C cup breasts, long straight hair, a well rounded ass and cheekbones that were to die for.

The only thing left on her was a black pair of panties, and Geko was dying to take them off. Well, that was before he saw, "it".

A real sore sight for the eyes it was, and it only seemed to grow further.

A giant bulge was emerging out of the "woman's" crotch.

- "What is it sexy boy? I paid well for this, you better not back down now."

Geko suddenly realised the severity of his situation but was too intoxicated to react properly. He just stood there, dumbfounded.

- "Well I can't hear a no..."

Geko, still in shock. Walked back from the "woman" only to fall onto the bed.

"She" quickly followed suit and joined him in the bed while throwing her remaining undergarment on the floor.

Suddenly a huge slap was heard as the monster babymaker was unleashed and hit one of Geko's asscheeks.

- "HELP M----" Geko tried to scream, but was quickly muffled as the shemale turned him over and locked lips with him.

This aroused Geko, even considering what was about to happen to him, he simply started to accept his fate.

- "Now my lovely boy toy, let us begin with some foreplay. I wouldn't want to ruin your cute lizardhole, already..."

Suddenly Geko was turned over again by the surprisingly strong shemale and he felt a wetness in his ass, or to be more exact, a tongue.

Geko's asshole was loosening up, and his dick was definitely tingling due to the sensation. He swore to himself that he wasn't gay.

However horny the rimjob made Geko he just couldn't shake one worry off his head. Just how big was the shemale's fleshy zweihänder?

- "Alright that should be about enough, lets see how deep you can take it lover boy."

Before Geko could object his tight hole was entered abruptly by something that seemed nearly endless. He tried his best to guess the length of it, but his mind was being melted.

Geko couldn't do more than let out a deep moan.

- "Mmm... Music to my ears!"

The pain of being rapidly pounded in the ass by the one-eyed monster was soon drowned out by the tingling sensation in Geko's own schlong.

- "OH GOD! NO HOMO! NO HOMO!" Geko screamed, trying his best to deny the immense pleasure he was feeling.

- "It's not gay Geko. After all, I have tits. And the dick only makes it better, stop denying yourself the time of your life."

Geko was convinced by this sound logic and caved.


- "Now that is more like it!" "She" started thrusting even more eagerly.

Geko must've cum three times before the shemale finally ejaculated inside Geko and collapsed from exhaustion.

Geko came to and realised he just lost his anal virginity to a "woman". Feeling completely emasculated he left the scene in a hurry,

However in his drunken, hurried state Geko managed to forget his clothes and rushed through the tavern completely naked.

Meanwhile the shemale had awoken to find Geko gone and whistled inaudbly. Suddenly loud thumping filled the rooms of the tavern and people could spot a white entity basically flying past them.

Geko was tackled to the ground and the entity let out a loud roar. This was it Geko thought, this was how he would die.

Above him stood a giant polar bear with an even bigger meat lollipop. It had a nametag that read Björne.

Geko's last memory was of him being split in half by the giant anal-gaping rod.

-+- Futas are love, futas are life. -+-
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Absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to be forced to read this wonderful masterpiece out loud on Discord.

god help me
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Did you just assume it's gender?
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Posted Jan 10, 18
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