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I have recently come across an interesting program that datamines Minecraft worlds and condenses all written books and signs into text files. We decided it would be interesting if we used them to mine the old worlds to see what ancient secrets we could dig up. Attached is a link to the subreddit (with download links for the jar files) and the text files mined so far.


Second World

Third World
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Wow. I searched the the text found a book i was writting a copy of a 1972 CreekWood Herbcraft book. never finished but.
Title: Fresh Herbs
Author: King_Trazer
Type: Written
Page 0: {"text":"Creekwood Herbcraft\n Guide To\nThe Use And Care of\n Fresh Herbs"}
Page 1: {"text":" Contents\n\n~intro~\n1: Using Fresh Herbs\n3: Balm (Lemon)\n5: Basil\n6: Bay\n7: Catnip\n8: Chives\n9: Dill\n10: Garlic\n11: Marjoram\n12: Mint"}
Page 2: {"text":" Contents\n (continued)\n\n13: Oregano\n14: Parsley\n15: Rosemary\n16: Sage\n17: Savory\n18: Tarragon\n19: Thyme\n20-30: More Herbs\n31-34: Caring for Herb Plants."}
Page 3: {"text":" Contents\n (continued)\n\n35-36: Sun \u0026 Shade Charts\n37-39: Bibliography\n"}
Page 4: {"text":" ~~Intro~~\n\n We are four women who work together as partners, sharing the labor and joy of herbcraft. What do we mean by herbcraft?\nHerbcraft is,\nGrowing herb plants organically, with care and love. Carefully planting the best -"}
Page 5: {"text":" ~~Intro~~\n (continued)\n\nseeds by the hundred, and rooting dozens of cuttings from healthy stock plants. Finding a beautiful original pot just right to hol an Oregano plant drifting over the edges. Mixing the soil and organic fertilizers just so"}
Page 6: {"text":" ~~Intro~~\n (continued)\n\nTaking a deap breathwhen we see the sun streaming through a green forest of Parsley and Basil and Marjoram. Then capturing that feeling in a sketch on a photograph. Pressing a branch of fragrant -"}
Page 7: {"text":" ~~Intro~~\n (continued)\n\nThyme so it curves naturally when dry. Then making it into a photogram, a bookmark, on stationery. Smiling to see a friend enjoying a new dish flavored with Rosemary and Thyme.\nFilling a vase with cut"}
Page 8: {"text":" ~~Intro~~\n (continued)\n\nbranches of sweet Basil, and having a friend walk into the room and catch it\u0027s fragrance."}
Page 9: {"text":" ~~Makers~~\n\nCatherine Harkins\nMarjorie Felden\nTamsie Cooper\nLinda Lee\n\ncopyright, 1973 by creekwood herbcraft"}
Page 10: {"text":" ~~Page 1~~\n\n"}
Posted Mar 6, 18
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From World 2 (The history here is crazy)

My life at DC
Author: bryan004
Type: Written
Page 0: {"text":"Hello I am Bryan004 but most people call me Bryan.\n\nMy Life here at divinity is great but in this book i will be telling my story. About how i came from a Confused player in \"The Army\" to a mod in the Mighty Lordaeron.\n"}
Page 1: {"text":"At first i came on to DC from a person called Bladejarrod1999, he was saying it was a great server.So when i first logged on all i had was a diamond pickaxe and joined a faction called Legend. Soon after joining we were Raided my chaos, Whom\n-"}
Page 2: {"text":"At the time was one of the Best faction On divinity.Then with out warning we disbanded and i had know idea what to do. But a person called Sexyjohnny(Noob) he let me join \"The Army\" which was a very good faction for a new player"}
Page 3: {"text":"Our f home was in the Highlands warp. soon after exploring around i found a skeleton spawner and mad e a xp farm off it. So for about 5 days i would kill skeletons and enchant that lead to 15k. and little did i know that was somewhat rich.\n\nBut after "}
Page 4: {"text":"Being in the army for only 5 days we were raided By maybe the most powerfull faction on the server Infinite. and I left seeing that we were all help less. \n\nAfter being factionless for a day I was invinited to a very nice faction"}
Page 5: {"text":"Called Minecraftia were i felt at home. It was a very open community and was very nice to everybody. I made my house and built a farm in which i was very proud of. soon the leader BaileyBoy99 found another skeleton spawner.\n"}
Page 6: {"text":"So I made a xp farm off it again and was given Mod for my actions. That was very big for me at the time because i had never been a mod befor. In irl My grandmother had just died at 97 so i was very sad and didnt play for about 5 days and in that time "}
Page 7: {"text":"Divinity had become very popular. When i logged on there was 40/40 people on and Minecraftia had Grown from a 5 Person faction to 25 and we were running out of room. So we cut out some of the wall to make more plots.\n"}
Page 8: {"text":"Big Mistake. As soon as we did that avalice, the leader of Infinite came in and killed everybody. so everybody got there best armor wepons ect.. and stormed avalice. We Killed him it took 15 of us But we did it and shared the 15k he dropped."}
Page 9: {"text":"then Minecraftia was hit my wave after wave of raids. So bailey decided to move Bases. We moved into the forest warp very close to the safezone. Bailey said if we ever got raided go to the safezone.\nAfter about a week we had moved the entire empire to the"}
Page 10: {"text":"New base and everything was better than ever.\n\nBecause i was a mod i got to make a very big and nice house in side the castle grounds. I built a nether portal. and when i went into it i saw these diamond shaped things made out of"}
Page 11: {"text":"stone slabs and glowstone.\n\n1 week after the new base location infinite raided us again worse than i have ever imagened. but they raided us becasue Bailey had promised avalice 5000 wool. Avalice came and killed us and bailey "}
Page 12: {"text":"Disbanded. There for i lost all my stuff the avalice. I was saddened and then donated $30 for tpa/gold name/ect...\n\nAfter that i joined The Great Empire of Lordaeron and was given a plot in haven "}
Page 13: {"text":"one of the many lordaeron cities. While there i built a house and soon a iron golem farm. which was the first one on the server and most people were very impressed. Then one day i was in the webway"}
Page 14: {"text":"and roob msged saying if i would like to found a new city that would be in the nether. I happly accepted and was modded. I had came from being a noob to being a mod In The Biggest faction on the server."}
Page 15: {"text":"When building Commorragh i had some \"Nice\" visits from a infinite member Tophat_cat who was a much better pvper than me at the time. But feeling big i fought him and died. Then Avalice became very inactive and soon infinite began to fall leaving all of "}
Page 16: {"text":"It\u0027s elite Members to join the other Big factions. Tophat_cat joined us and founded a City in the sky. But not long after he was called a theif and kicked, his city Blown up. But lordaeron was losing power very fast. we lost many cities for more claims."}
Page 17: {"text":"Then the allince started to break away from what it was. We started to ally most every faction. But one faction rose from all. They Were YOBA a all russian faction with op gear. When we would attack the would hide. but when we ould leave the would harm "}
Page 18: {"text":"Our cities which was \nterrible.They flooded\nGoldvenam\u0027s city and we were all mad. But lethal_legend Decided to waterboard them. and he did all of yoba was flooded nothing was not underwater.\nafter many days of greifing from yoba the blew up our\n"}
Page 19: {"text":"f home and that was possibly there worst mistake we were at war. the person who did it Kastow was banned for abusing boatmod. The leader of yoba raged and quit the server leaving yoba to 13\nAnother big mistake.\nGoldvenam got on his alt. "}
Page 20: {"text":"And did not only join yoba But got modded. \nIt was a Lordaeron Victory!\n\nafter I Possibly started the war between us And the other big and powerfull faction Wulfreach."}
Page 21: {"text":"I killed a member of a faction called Zork his name was talniek. Wulf\u0027s temper broke enemying us and delcaring war on us. they invaded Haven but our army fought them off.\n\nLeaving you were we are today.\n"}
Page 22: {"text":"I hope you liked my story of my life at Divinitycraft. \n\nPLEASE RETURN THIS TO BRYAN004"}
Posted Oct 25, 18
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