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Spent casings animation
By walle's request I have implemented that all gunpowder weapons that fire bullets or shells now have an animation of ejecting the spent casing from the weapon. The effect is most dramatic on the machinegun.

Machinegun nerf
I received complaints that the machinegun was overpowered and with 8 armor piercing damage per shot, I had to agree. It now does not do armor piercing damage and should require at least twice as many shots to kill someone in god gear, but will now kill unarmored people in one hit and that makes sense to me.

Shotgun reloading
Since when using a double barreled shotgun in real life you can reload both shots at the same time, I decided we should have that as well. By using code from the rifle clip I managed to implement this. Reloading both shots at the same time takes slightly longer than just one, but not by much.

Cannon and flak removed, replaced by artillery
After I learned that the cannon with its 3 ammo types is basically never used on Divinity, and after studying our flak weapon and realized it was World War 2 technology, I decided to rework these weapons into a new one called Artillery.
The artillery inherits the best parts of the old weapons while trying to make them useful again. It has two ammo types:
Explosive ammo: This is the traditional explosive shot and is essentially a buffed version of the HE ammo of the cannon. It instakills anyone within 6 blocks of the explosion center, takes away half the hearts of anyone in god gear between 6-10 blocks, and does limited damage but kills unarmored people and causes nausea and slowness for people within 6-16 blocks.
Mustard gas ammo: The cannon gas ammo had little semblance to any gas available in WW1, so we reworked it to be as similar to mustard gas as possible. Therefore within 16 blocks of the center of the cloud, anyone hit gets nausea, blindness, slowness and a weak poison effect for half a minute. It also causes a lethal wither effect, but this can be avoided. The old pumpkin gas mask has been removed since it couldn't be combined with a helmet, which is nonsensical since WW1 soldiers wore both all the time, and now all helmets and the banner hat have integrated gas masks and they stop the wither effect completely (but not the other effects, mustard gas is terrible in that it penetrates through the skin too but is at least mostly non-lethal if it doesn't get into the lungs).
Beware that the artillery may seem a bit overpowered right now, this is because it will later on get a unique new ammo system that will make it a bit more dangerous to use than the old cannon/flak.
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