I'd like to apologise on my own and the admin teams behalf for the server, of which has been down for a couple days while we got everything together.

We were supposed to be launching the fifth world that was voted for on the poll, however as I tried to render the map, minecraft on multiple occasions would crash or just overwrite the world save we had in place. This has resulted in us having to release that the procedurally generated "temp" map as the official divinity fifth world.
Also note that this map has not be wiped, your builds, claims and items will have all remained from the last time you were on the server. We will also be building a dedicated spawn for this world very soon.

It is not all doom and gloom. Despite our failures with this, we have something massive planned for the future. On the basis that this is going to be well received, we have decided that once WP 1.13.1 is released we will begin to organise a space themed world which will become our 6th map.
How we plan this is going to workout is that between all of the worlds or planets to say, there will be a large void which can only be crossed with either a space suit or a space-ship that will utilise the MoveCraft ships mechanic.
This will also bring about a new era for weapons, where users will be using sci-fi laser guns rather than the traditional musket.

More info will be slowly released in the future as we begin to settle features and develop them. I will also be creating a small road map for our intentions in the near future.