The BloodBath!
Hello everyone, sorry for the unacceptably late message; it has been difficult to finalise the times and structure of this traditional event!
The bloodbath will begin with it's traditional values:
-A free for all fight,
-The user's can use any items they wish,
-It will be held in warzone fort,
-If you die, you are out,
-The last man standing wins,
-The winner will receive to be announced

The bloodbath will be held on the 11th of November, or rather this Sunday; Specifically at 6pm GMT(can be changed to suit users)
The following admins will be holding this event:

We will also be holding extra tournaments for users that who cannot attend the bloodbath.
This may include:
-staged tournaments,
-Ender-dragon fights,
-Team deathmatch tournaments.
However more information on these later.

DivinityCraft Birthday Sales
All existing contributor packages will receive a 20% discount, this discount is on top of the already scaled down prices.
What you could expect to save from purchasing during these sales: