Divinity Craft has been a server I have played on for many years, I've been playing with my friends since shortly after the server was opened, I've gone by quite a few names so I very much doubt that anyone remembers me anymore. My friends and I have had amazing adventures, created fun and amazing buildings, such as giant airships, chapels, large towers, shrines, castles, massive pyramids, underwater domes, and giant penises with faces on them. I've started wars that I could have never have had the chance of winning just for the sake of having a war. I once started a war where the majority of the large factions in the server all allied against me and only a few of my friends. I've made friends here, I've lost friends here, I've been betrayed here, I've even strengthened relationships with romantic interests here. I could only wish to remember in detail what exactly has happened in my travels and I wish I knew about the lore section on the website sooner so I could've logged my travels while they were still fresh in my mind, all my stories, lost to the flow of time. From now on, for as long as I play on this server I will try to write down what happens in my journeys. I would like to thank all the admins over the years for a experience that started in 2013 and has continued to this day, and will keep going until the day this server is inevitably closed.

Signing out, Bumbus, Cooleo, SirDucksalot, Noah, or whatever name I've gone by over the years.