Hello everyone, just releasing the compiled updates from November to December, this document will be updated until the end of December.


- Spawn was Revamped,
- Dynmap was Fixed,
- Fixed container and door protection,
- Custom Crafting was initially added, and is still being worked; go here for more: https://www.divinitycraft.org/home/m/11602616/viewthread/32347447-custom-crafting-overhauled
- Factions bank was disabled,
- Growth rates were increased by 2 times for the following:
+ Cactus,
+ Sugarcane,
+ Melon,
+ Pumpkin,
+ Netherwart,
+ Cocoa Beans,
+ Wheat.
- Entity Activation Range had the following modifications:
+ Passive Mobs: 96,
+ Hostile Mobs: 96,
+ Misc: 96.
-Entity Tracking Range had the following modifications:
+ Passive Mobs: 96,
+ Hostile Mobs: 32,
+ Players: 96,
+ Misc: 96,
+ Other: 96.
- View distance was decreased from 10 to 6 chunks,
- 1.8 pvp was returned:
+ When holding a sword it will equip a shield which can be used as your blocking feature.
+ You cannot dual wield a bow and sword anymore.
+ The attack cooldown has been removed(meaning you no longer have to wait for full damage).
+ Your game will still have the attack cooldown bar, however this can be disabled by settings>video settings>attack indicator: off.
+ Your armour still has the 1.13.1 health and protections values.
+ Your sword still has the 1.13.1 damage values.
+ Old brewing stands return(no blaze powder needed).
- Holographic Displays were added,
- Holographic chat was added,
- Gates, Bridges and Chairs were fixed,
- Hyperconomy was added to the End, Nether and Overworld,[Removed]
+ Lacks 1.13 items, alongside some other 1.12 items.
- Added UltimateTimber, a treeassist variant,
- Issue preventing users from eating golden apples was fixed,
- Added new server list motd.


- Added NoPVPFly plugin, prevents users from combat flying,
- Users no longer spawned at spawn,
- Changed the connect and disconnect messages,
- Re-added hyperconomy,
- Added Lottery Plugin,
- Added new auto-crafting datapack[Removed],
- Updated Crafting Data Pack,
- Changed chat colours,
- Economy was fully stocked.

The server is currently considered to be in: Early Access.
This means that all though the server is functional, we plan to add a lot more features.